6 Signs You’re Too Proud And Of Complex Entitlement

Proud Man

Have you ever met someone who seemed to think that the world revolves around them? Though we all do deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, sometimes we have to look at ourselves and wonder if we’re asking too much.

The fact is that acting entitled and having issues with entitlement has serious repercussions. More often than not, it leads people who have these issues to live very lonely lives filled with regret. They often suffer from depression and can’t figure out why no one likes them.

Are you worried you’re headed down that path? Make no mistake about it, here are 6 signs of an entitlement complex.

1. YOU DON’T STAY FRIENDS WITH PEOPLE FOR LONG: One of the most common Though we all do deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, sometimes we have to look at ourselves and wonder if we’re asking too much. The reasons that people drop friends is because they feel like the friend is a user, or that the friend acts entitled to way more than they actually should receive. If you regularly find yourself alone, you need to realize you’re probably the reason why.



2. YOU’VE BEEN REFERRED TO AS A BULLY AND BEING MANIPULATIVE: This is because people with entitlement issues ARE bullies. Sadly, most of them don’t realize it. This is why many people who have entitlement issues are diagnosed as narcissists later on in life.

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3. YOU SHOUT, THREATEN AND SCREAM AT PEOPLE UNTIL THEY GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT: This is a key marker of someone who has never learned that they aren’t entitled to be treated like a special princess. People who do this are often hated by the very people who serve them and typically don’t realize how disgusting their behavior is. If you regularly bitch, moan, and bludgeon your way into getting what you want, you’re a horrible human being.


4. ASSERTING YOUR DOMINANCE MAKES YOU HAPPY: Don’t ask me why, but people who have a need to dominate things often have major entitlement issues as well. If you love exerting power over people, you probably have to think about why. You might find that it’s a sign that you need serious help.


5. YOU THINK YOU DESERVE MORE THAN OTHERS AND YOU’RE BETTER THAN THEM: No, you’re not. Your sh*t does, in fact, stink. Go to counseling and start talking, because you have issues that are going to bite you in the ass eventually.


6. YOU OFFEND PEOPLE A LOT WITH HOW YOU TALK: Most entitled people do this and they don’t care who they hurt. In many cases, they may even go out of their way to be offensive just so that they can make sure people know “they’re the dominant one here.”


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