6 amazing things to do with watermelon

Summer’s favourite fruit stars in its own show.

Love it or hate it, watermelon is without a doubt the hot sister of Summer fruit. Its attractive pink colour and refreshing sweet flavour make it the stuff that sizzling hot days are made for. Oh – and let’s not forget its cameo role in the hit movie, Dirty Dancing. Who can ever forget that scene?!

And the whole pip-less watermelon thing? Don’t even go there. Whoever thought of creating a variety of watermelon without its quintessential black seeds should be fired. I understand that from a convenience perspective it makes it easier to eat – but half the fun of eating watermelon is the ceremonious removing of the little critters.

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Now, one thing that we love about watermelon is that it’s so incredibly versatile as an ingredient when cooking. Here are a few of our favourite watermelon-inspired recipes…

1. Frozen watermelon lemonade – serve this well chilled!

2. Watermelon carpaccio – a simple Summer starter.

3. Kiwifruit and watermelon smoothie – for a fresh breakfast boost!

4. Watermelon, berry and feta salad – the colours alone will entice you to make this.

5. Open watermelon sandwich – for a quick snack. Deliciously fruity.

6. Watermelon Sorbet – add a touch of vodka for a naughty Summer treat (Be warned though that adding too much will prevent the mixture from freezing).


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