5 Ways to Make Your Summer Fling Last

black couple on a beach

There’s nothing sweeter than a summer fling. You’re, happy, relaxed and stress-free – it’s no surprise that now’s the time you stumble across a guy who’s exactly what you’ve been looking for (or exactly what you haven’t been looking for if you’re not a fan of goodbyes). But just because the season comes to an end doesn’t mean the relationship has to. Here’s how to make it last.

1 Spend time with his friends. The more people you have to vouch for how amazing you are, the better. When your social network becomes intertwined with his, you’re setting up a much stronger foundation for a potential relationship.

2 Go on an actual date. So far, your relationship has been a whirlwind of walks on the beach, group dates and lots of kissing – but for the romance to last, try going on some actual dates alone. You need to click on more than a physical level. If you can do that, this connection could turn into something incredible.

3 Play just a little bit hard to get. You can have a great time together; that doesn’t mean you have to be together all the time. Give him a chance to miss you every once in a while – but don’t be totally elusive. Give him just enough to make him want you even more.

4 Organise to see each other when the holiday ends. You don’t have to drive up six hours every week – Skype, e-mail, phone calls and texts are a great way to feel connected. Sure, you can’t beat face-to-face interaction but any interaction is great until you’re able to see each other again.

5 Tell him how you feel! It seems obvious, but when the holiday is over you could find yourself scared to tell him that you want more. If you don’t, you might never see him again. If you tell him and he doesn’t feel the same way, you’ll never have to see him again! And if he does feel the same way? Who knows what will happen…


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