5 Things You Don’t Know About Dying Your Hair an Unnatural Colour

Mermaid hair is a trend that we all fell for pretty hard when it first became a thing. We simply couldn’t get enough of all the pretty and unique hair colours that were popping up all over the Internet. Who could forget Hilary Duff’s pink hair? Or Taraji’s incredibly sexy purple hair?

While we adore this trend, we also adore you and your lustrous locks. That’s why we’ve put together a list of things they don’t tell you about dying your hair an unnatural colour.

1. The cost

You definitely want to go to a professional. The pros know their way around the products and procedures better than any back-of-the-box instructions could advise you. Going to a pro is necessary – but expensive. If you have dark hair, it’ll need to be bleached first. This could cost upwards of R400. The tint itself could cost about R500 for half a head of hair (tinting only the ends) and R1 000 for a full head of hair.

2. The maintenance

The first problem is that as your hair grows out, your natural colour will start to show and you will need to re-dye it. That’s more money. The second problem is washing your hair – you could unintentionally dye your shower/bathtub. Oops! Your roomies are not going to be impressed. The third problem is fading. When pink or purple fades, it doesn’t look that bad because it simply becomes lighter but when blue fades, it turns green – algae-green.

3. The judgement

Half the people you encounter will openly criticise your choices and probably label you a jobless rebel – ignore them.

4. The fascination

People will ask to touch it, some will touch it without asking and creepy dudes everywhere will ask if the carpet matches the drapes – ignore them too.

5. The damage

When you bleach your hair, you strip it of colour and moisture. This can really damage your hair and cause it to break. The only way to restore your hair would be to cut off the damaged parts and start fresh.


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