5 Things Tamarsha Is Curious About

 Tamarsha Khanyile

1. BET Buzz sparks a curiosity in me where I look forward to coming into contact and interviewing artists that I could only ever dream of meeting. Everyday is a roller coaster and I’m excited to see where and how far it takes me!

2. Women. The way we move, the way we are. Cant help but wonder why we are so darn beautiful.

3. I’m curious about the ocean. Why can’t I take it with me every where I go huh? -Just put it in my pocket and live my best life. And every time I have a bad day I just whip that ocean right out like

4. I’m curious about what I’d look like at the age of 50. Crossing fingers for the fountain of youth to make a ‘drive by’ right into my life before then.

5. I’m curious about money and where this root they call evil comes from. Why would the one thing we can’t live without be considered evil??? Is it so that we have less money or not too much money? Is it because we blame our poor financial management on our history or is it that even though at this present day we have all the resources given to us with full advantages we still somehow can never admit to ourselves that buying that new pair of shoes with your rent money was not such a good idea.

Tamarsha is an Artist, Presenter, Songwriter, Vocalist, Business Woman and Radio DJ.


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