5 Things Your Muscles Are Trying To Reveal To You

If you’ve ever spent the day nursing sore legs then you know the muscles can give one plenty of feedback about how one is feeling. Usually, after a few message the pain will be gone but do you know those weird muscle cramps, serious aches can mean something serious? Here are some things you can learn from your muscles.

You need rest: When you use your muscles more than normal will have a tiny tear which is why you might feel sore”As your body repairs those tears, you build muscle, which means recovery is a vital part of your fitness regimen.” If your legs still ache after few days then know you need to rest.

Dehydration: When a muscle contract involuntarily then cramps occurs but dehydration increases the risk of cramp. S o when you exercise take time out to relax and drink enough water to avoid dehydration.

You might be getting sick: If you are having pains without no solid reason, it might be a warning that you want to be sick. “The inflammatory process the body uses to fight viruses is what causes muscle aches when you have the flu.”

You are exercising too much: When you workout too much your muscles starts to react meaning you are overdoing your exercise, exercises are not meant to be painful.

Too much party: Your muscles will always react when you take too much alcohol. “Alcohol activates your body’s immune system—the inflammatory effects start to kick in within minutes—plus it’s a diuretic, which can make it harder to stay hydrated.” “The combination of dehydration and inflammatory response both lead to muscle soreness.”


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