5 Reasons Why Lerato Kganyago Came Out A Winner In True Love Saga

Lerato Kganyago
Lerato Kganyago

While conversation around her images, which were Photoshopped, continues to rage there’s one thing that’s for certain: she came out victorious. We take a look at the sequence of events and how Lerato won the battle.

True Love body shames. Lerato holds her head high

Throughout the saga, which saw the magazine issue a statement saying that it “has a responsibility to not to tarnish our cover star’s image” only to be followed by a set of before and after images which showed Lerato’s lumps and bumps, Lerato kept her cool. “I’ve got nothing to be ashamed about. I’m open about my flaws.”

At the same time, she did point out that she was disappointed that although the magazine had tried to body shame her, it did not work. Those close to Lerato have mentioned that her response has shown how much she has grown. “Had this happened a few years ago, she would’ve handled it in such a different way. But she didn’t lash out. She owned up to her flaws, because, well, who doesn’t have them?”

Fans side with Team Lerato

Not only were fans the ones to point out that Lerato’s image was drastically altered, they also took her side and lambasted the magazine, referring to the release of the images as “bully-tactics.” The internet zoned in and soon saw True Love trend for all the wrong reasons.

Celebs take a stand & threaten to boycott True Love

One of the industry’s most powerful celebs, Bonang Matheba was the first well-known person to take a stand, not only defending Lerato but also saying she would be boycotting the magazine.

“It’s going to be a while before I grace this publication…Not under this leadership. So hurtful! So wrong!

Other’s also sided with Lerato including Nomzamo Mbatha, DJ Fresh and Luthando Shosha.

True Love reputation damaged?

As Lerato remained positive, the internet dug into the True Love archives looking for even more examples of just how much Photoshopping the magazine does to its cover stars.

In just three covers, Boity and Khanyi Mbau became other examples of how images had been altered. It’s a debate that has is often seen across the world, but more and more celebs are becoming outspoken about their images being changed.  In April this year Kerry Washington spoke out about her image being altered on the cover of Adweek, saying that while she appreciates the use of editing for a blemish here and there, making her look unrecognisable is just not on. “I was very taken aback and very uncomfortable about looking at an image that I did not recognise as myself.”


It’s a point that Lerato has agreed with, saying that her own mother asked whether she had had a nose job.

Besides releasing the controversial before and after images, True Love has remained mum, refusing to answer any media questions and declining all interviews about the matter.

Lerato becomes a symbol of powerful women

Love her or hate (or if you didn’t know her) Lerato Kganyago has become a symbol of a powerful woman. Besides being applauded for the way in which she handled the situation, she has found new fans who have taken time to recognise and appreciate the star.

“She has people coming up to her in shops and saying they are proud of her. She has been inundated with support from strangers, friends and family members. It’s been overwhelming,” says a friend.

Like Bonang said in one of her tweets on the issue “When will our black led publications be in support of one another? What a shame…”

And that, really, is the number one sentiment coming across.


Source: Times Live


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