5 Proven Health Supplements That Are Beneficial To The Human Body

The truth is most people are not performing at their maximum mentally and physically. To combat that most people try some coffee and exercise but there’s so much more we can do. Here are some herbal remedies to try out.

Most people don’t like to try herbal supplements because they feel they are ‘traditional’ or they have no scientific backing, so most people don’t like to touch it.

However, according to Examine.com, a website dedicated to exercising research done on supplements to sort out the real from the fake. So, here are 5 supplements that are actuallybeneficial to the human body:

  • Rhodiola rosea: It’s been proven to help with reduction in fatigue. Independent studies from Examine’s database showed a decline in fatigue following supplementation. There is evidence that Rhodiola may also help with stress and depression.

  • Vitamin D: If you’re not getting enough Vitamin D, then supplements will provide a lot of benefits including increased cognition, better immune health, greater bone strength, decreased risk of cancer and heart disease. You usually find about 5000 IU at stores.

  • Vitamin K: Leafy green supplements are helpful for keeping good bone health as well as healthy blood coagulation. Although, we tend to ignore those health factors, they are important for daily function, especially as we get older.

  • Bacopa Monnieri: The greatest benefit of the supplement is on memory. Although you should know that it takes up to a month to start seeing the effects. Bacopa also has little effects on people suffering from symptoms of depression and anxiety. A dose of 300mg should be sufficient.

  • Berberine: Not only does Berberine help with regulating blood sugar levels, it’s also one of the natural substances on Examine’s database that can match up with it’s pharmaceutical equivalents. It’s especially good for diabetes. You can take 900mg to 2,000mg daily, split into three doses taken with or shortly after meals.

    source: pulse.ng


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