5 Lovely Ways To Style Your Box Braids, Twists

With so many braiding techniques, there’s plenty of room for creativity: you can go curly, plaited or straight and long – the choice is yours.

1. Buns

This is for ladies with box braids or twists.

Twist your braids into an elegant or even messy bun and get ready to slay!

Tie it up high like you would a top knot or a high-high Ariande Grande-esque ponytail.

This is an easy ‘do for the gym or a day at the beach.

2. Cornrows

This ancient traditional African hairstyle is undeniably one of the most iconic types of braids. Celebs love it on and off the red carpet and it has the ability to transform your appearance, no lie.

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3. Banging bob

It gets quite hot during summer, so why not go for short braids? Slick and sexy.

4. Bantu knots

Hello ’90s? We’re happy to have you back! We fell in love with you all over again.

Have fun and unleash your inner child by creating two half buns with your braids. You can also create Bantu knots from natural hair.


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5. Simple plait hairstyle

Whether you have braids, a weave or natural hair you can go for this hairstyle. It’s so pretty!


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