The 5 fastest Cars Of The 2016 Jaguar Simola Hillclimb

These were the 5 quickest machines at this year’s event that was won by historic racing driver and car collector, Franco Scribante.

1) 1972 Chevron B26: Franco Scribante

Powered by a Suzuki V8 engine (basically two Hayabusa motors mated together in a high-revving union), this bright orange Chevron smashed the previous Hillclimb record by posting a final run time of 38.646 – an incredible average speed of 176.9km/h.

JSHC 2016 - Franco Scribante 2.jpg


2) 1993 Nissan GTR R32: Desmond Gutzeit

Although it couldn’t quite match Scribante’s Chevron this tricked out R32 remains a thoroughly impressive piece of kit thanks to its 1500hp motor, grippy all-wheel drive system and advanced launch control software. Biblically quick out of the starting blocks it ended the event with a 40.324.

JSHC 2016 - Des Gutzeit 2.jpg


3) 2013 Subaru WRX: Anton Cronjé

Cronjé likes to keep a tight lid on the modifications done to his WRX. And we don’t blame him because it’s quick enough to keep a Nissan GT-R trailing in its wake. This wild Subaru posted the third fastest time of the event with a 42.564.

JSHC 2016 - Anton Cronje.jpg


4) 2016 Nissan GT-R: Wilhelm Baard

Full factory support and a long list of performance modifications make this the quickest GT-R of the field. 2011 winner and Nissan global test engineer, Wilhelm Baard, steered the 1 000kW ‘Godzilla’ to an easy fourth place finish with a time of 42.745.

JSHC 2016 - Wilhelm Baard (1).jpg


5) 1992 Nissan GT-R R32: Duane Galloway

Despite its age the legendary Nissan R32 is still a formidable weapon in the hands of a good driver. Proving this fact is Duane Galloway who rounded off the top five fastest finisher’s list in his tricked out Skyline by averaging an impressive speed of 156.4km/h on his last run of the day.

Source: Times Live


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