5 Everyday Diet Mistakes People Make

Fitness goals are hard to maintain for many reasons including diet mistakes. In combination  with exercise, there are a number of diet goals that have to be met in order to keep fit and healthy.

One of the main reasons why most people may be finding it difficult to keep up with their new year fitness goals resolution is due to dietary mistakes. Here are 5 mistakes you may be making:

  • Not enough food: You may think of diets are calorie lowering regimens. Unfortunately, it is not controlled fat loss, so the weight loss will also include muscle, which lowers your overall metabolic rate. Thus it becomes harder to maintain the weight loss after the diet. Work out your calorie exhaustion and aim to go no more than 500 calories under your expenditure.

  • Reducing calories without burning them: Diet alone can burn fat, which means you’d have to miss out on so many core nutrients that your body needs.. The best tactic is to eat healthy, watching your protein and fat intake, whilst burning the fat stacked in the body through activity. That also means a little cardio often.

  • Cutting out important foods: In  a bid to reduce calories, a lot of people tend to neglect helpful and nutritious food groups like good fat.. Our bodies need fat and removing it completely can lead to a less healthy body. Good fats help prevent inflammation, prevent damage in the body, aid the use of certain key nutrients and help regulate a healthy blood profile.

  • Lift weights: Always combine strength training with your cardio training. Building a stronger body and stronger muscles will increase the rate at which  your body burn calories all of the time, in the gym, at home, at your desk and when you’re asleep.

  • Eat enough protein: Protein is the foundation for the whole body and we need it to have healthy skin, tissue and muscle. Most people on a fat loss diet need to be absorbing an amount of protein that is at least 1.6g per kg of your desired body weight. So, if you are hoping to get to 60kg, you need to be taking in 60 x 1.6 = 96g of protein every day. FYI,  there is about 21g of protein in a chicken breast.

source: pulse.ng


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