5 Countries Without Armed Forces

5. Nauru

10 Countries Without Armed Forces
Australia is chargeable for Nauru’s defense beneath a casual agreement between the 2 countries. However, there’s a comparatively giant armed police force, and an auxiliary police force for internal security.

4. Solomon Islands

10 Countries Without Armed Forces
Maintained a paramilitary force until a heavy ethnic conflict, in which Australia, New Zealand and other Pacific countries intervened to restore law and order. Since then no military has been maintained, however, there is a relatively large police force, and a Maritime Surveillance Unit for internal security. The Maritime Surveillance Unit is equipped with small arms, and maintains two Pacific class patrol boats, the Auki and the Lata. Defense and policing assistance is the responsibility of the RAMSI.

3. Liechtenstein

10 Countries Without Armed Forces
Abolished its army in 1868 because it absolutely was deemed too expensive. Military is just permissible in times of war, however that situation has never occurred. However, Principality of Liechtenstein maintains a law and a Special Weapons and Tactics team, equipped with tiny arms to hold out internal security duties.

2. Grenada

10 Countries Without Armed Forces
Has not had a ground forces since 1983 owing to associate American-led invasion. The Royal Grenada Police Force agency maintains a paramilitary special service unit for internal security functions. Defense is that the responsibility of the Regional Security System.

1. Andorra

10 Countries Without Armed Forces
Andorra has no regular army however signed treaties with European country and France for its protection. Its little volunteer army is solely ceremonial in operate. The paramilitary GIPA (trained in counter-terrorism and prisoner management) is a component of the national police.



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