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5 Bizarre Things People Do In Their Cars When Stuck Into Traffric

Have you ever watched your fellow motorists in morning traffic or during a commute on a road trip?

Women doing their makeup en route to work has become the norm, but lately I happen to spot some peculiar habits.

You’re either a morning person, or those who want to hurt morning people, especially when stuck in traffic. And when you’re not moving in still-standing traffic stress levels escalate erratically and can often lead to road rage. I choose to people-watch, it’s more entertaining and a whole lot less stressful.

Here are five bizarre habits I’ve seen other road users do in their cars while driving.


1 Headphones? For real?

How is it that motorists can drive in traffic with headphones, or earphones for that matter? The level of concentration is immediately affected as you’re focusing on the music blasting through your ears, instead of focusing on the road ahead. How do said motorists hear the sirens of emergency vehicles or a urgent hoot of other motorists warning you of danger, or even pedestrians?

I understand cars get broken in to and radio and cd players get stolen, leaving distraught road users without the luxury of hearing the morning news on radio or being able to play your favourite music. But this is just dangerous.


2 Perfecting the pout

Women have always said that multitasking comes naturally, so women applying make-up while driving is the norm. But this takes some much needed skill. I’m not a fan of adding powders and bright colours to my face, but I do use the occasional eye-liner and mascara. If applying the latter you need to open your eyes quite wide and watch what you doing in the mirror.

Same with eye-liner, and it requires the use of both hands. So how does the fairer sex effortlessly apply their MAC or Inglot while changing gears at the same time? No wonder there are so many fender benders in traffic. I saw a woman colouring her lips in traffic once, with a pretty pink shade, repeatedly, then pouting in the mirror – probably nine times. Yes, I counted!


3 Grooming

Applying moisturiser on your arms or face can be a quick fuss-free task while driving – even though you shouldn’t as it could leave your hand slippery and you might not be able to grip the steering wheel accordingly. I drove behind a young man who seemed to be doing his morning routine – one that should be done in the privacy of your own home.

He had a man-bag filled with different products: two for his hair, two for his face and one for his facial hair – if I counted correctly. It’s as bad as women doing make-up, and he was so distracted by applying his aftershave, I had to remind him to get back to driving with a kind honk on the car’s hooter.


4 Giving the French kiss meaning

It’s rather romantic when you see couples giving each other little kisses as they either get into a car when being picked up on the way to work, or when they’re saying goodbye when being dropped off. Or, a woman – or man stroking her/his partner’s hair while they’re driving. And then there’s my favourite, when said couple reaches out to hold the other’s hand – something best to do when you’re driving a car with an automatic gearbox of course.

But, heaven help me. Have you seen couples – most probably in a lift club – getting all randy in the back seat. And that’s fine, each to his own, but usually this happens when someone else is driving up front. Have people no shame? No respect?

Whether it’s your father, brother or best friend driving solo up front, how is the driver supposed to concentrate with all that tongue exercises at the back, and the windows being steamed up even when it’s hot outside. Kissing, cuddling and being cute is one thing, but leaving even other drivers on the road red-faced is another. Leave that for the bedroom, behind closed doors?


5 Changing clothes

Often there comes along an emergency when you need to change your wardrobe in your vehicle, and most times, said vehicle is then parked or in an underground parking area. I kid you not, I’ve witnessed a woman get dressed into her work clothes wearing only her underwear. No cares were given. Perhaps she was late for a job interview.



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