5 Battery-Saving Tips For Your Smartphone

Smartphone batteries don’t tend to last very long, but here are some easy tricks that can ensure your battery lasts longer

1. Switch off the vibration

Believe it or not, the vibration function actually chows more battery life than an actual ringtone. Only use it when it’s absolutely necessary and avoid pairing your ringtone up with a vibration.

If you’re in a theatre or a meeting, for example, and you can’t have your ringtone on, rather switch your phone to silence and keep it in view. Your battery will thank you!

2. Dim the brightness

You’d be amazed at the difference this simple step can make as far as your battery life is concerned. There are two ways you can go about this:

Some smartphones have an “auto-brightness” function that adjust the phone’s brightness so the battery is conserved, while keeping the screen bright enough to read. Alternatively, you can manually adjust the brightness, keeping it permanently dim enough to save battery and bright enough to read.

What’s nice about manually adjusting is that you can change it throughout the day. For example, you can have the brightness slightly dimmed during the day because there is a lot of external light or you can have it brighter in the evenings when there is very little external light.

3. Shorten your screen timeout

This tip is especially for those of you that don’t often lock their smartphones after every interaction with it. The timeout refers to how many seconds or even minutes your smartphone auto-locks or switches the screen off after you’ve interacted with it.

Shortening your screen timeout will minimise your smartphone’s power consumption, resulting in a longer battery life.

4. Use location only when necessary

Many apps may request permission to access your location and, for many of them, it’s not an absolute necessity for the app to operate. For example, it’s important for a “Maps” app to know your location, but it isn’t particularly imperative for your camera app to use it. Choose which apps you allow to access your location because when apps that use this are open, even in the background, they’re constantly sending and receiving signals and these take up a lot of battery life.

Always make sure that the apps you’re not using are completely shut down and not just minimised. Sometimes you might think an app is closed because you exited it by pressing the home button, but on many smartphones this merely minimises the app, it doesn’t close it completely.

5. Lessen push notifications

Push notifications can really deplete your battery unnecessarily through many different mechanisms – the sending and receiving of signals, lighting up your smartphone and making your smartphone either ring or vibrate. Disabling unnecessary push notification will make a significant difference in how quickly your battery is drained.

In fact, the best option is to only allow push notifications for text messages (SMS and Whatsapp) and missed calls. This will also lessen the amount of times you’re distracted in a day.

source: Destinyman


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