10 Possible Reasons Why You Are Still Single

Here are 10 possible reasons.

You’ve got really high standards 
Having high standards is not necessarily a bad thing. After all, why should you settle for second best when you know you can do better?

But there is such a thing has having ridiculously high standards that few can aspire to.

With the exception of Brad Pitt, of course.
Ask yourself if the standards you have at the moment are realistic. Has anyone ever been able to measure up to them?

You don’t know what you want from life either 

If you don’t even know what you want from life yet, it’s going to incredibly difficult to meet a man you want to share this purposeless life with.

Write down your goals. List your values.
Who are you and what do you want?
What do you want from a man?
You don’t know what you want from a relationship either

If you don’t even know what you want from a relationship, how can you expect to attract anyone?

A few years back, I’d just come out of a long-term relationship. A couple of months down the line, I knew that I wanted to date again, but I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted from a relationship.

Did I want a committed relationship, or did I want something casual?

I had no idea and this kept me single for a long time. I would message guys on dating sites but get scared when it came to the crunch. I was hesitant and the guys knew it – so they backed off and left me alone.

You’re too negative 
A friend of mine was at her wits end when she was getting no where on dating sites. I asked her how long she’d been on there for.

“A week,” she said dismally.
A week?!
I was on dating sites for FIVE YEARS before I finally met the man of dreams.

Sometimes, we get too negative when we’ve been single for two long.

“No one wants me. I may as well give up,” we say with a sigh.

“No one replies to my messages. I’m going to delete my profile.”

Negativity will get you no where. Be positive and lift your head up high – you might like wha you see.

You Can’t Get Your Ex Out Of Your Hair
You might think that you’re over your ex, but perhaps you’re really not.

Each time you get close to a new man, maybe you think of your ex. Maybe you compare the two of them, or maybe you know that no man is ever going to replace your old boo.

Who’s going to live up to him?
You’re chasing Mr. Wrong
How many times have you dated Mr Right?
And how many times have you dated Mr Wrong?
A few more times, I’ll bet!
If you keep falling into the same old trap of dating a charming, affable man who knows how to make the ladies jealous – even you – the problem is not the man. The problem is YOU.

Some guys are not made to be in a relationship for too long. Sure, he might be hot and he might be able to talk the talk, but if you sense that he’s probably not going to stick around for too long, it’s probably time to start lowering your sights and aiming for a guy who is loyal and devoted.

You can’t always live on the edge and you can’t change a man.

You’re not listening
Guys like to be listened to. The reason your friend’s are doing so well in relationships and you’re not might be down to the very simple fact that they know how to listen and you don’t.

Listening means respecting the other person’s opinion. It means devoting your entire attention to them, giving them space to air their opinions – and then responding appropriately.

Pay attention to your man’s body language, as well as his energy, his jokes – as well as the things he doesn’t say.

You’ve got a type 
Not only have you got a type, but it’s such a specific one that the chances of meeting a single man of this type are 5,000-1.

It’s basically not going to happen unless you become more flexible.

You’re in the wrong place 
This is an interesting one. Sometimes, meeting the right man is not just about timing – it’s also about location.

And maybe you’re in the wrong place.
For example, if you dig city slickers or hipsters but happen to live in a rural place, you might be finding it hard to meet guys for this very reason.

Packing your bags and chancing your arm in another city is a dicy prospect, but if you think you’d have a better chance of meeting Prince Charming elsewhere, it’s definitely worth considering.

Your job gives you everything you want 
You might not realise it, but your job might be giving you everything you need right now.

It’s giving you money, social interaction, security, a sense of self-worth and achievement and much more.

Can a man compete with your job? Can you make time for him?

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