4 Reasons People Make Empty Promises

Empty promises are just words that have no meaning and people who make them don’t follow through.

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Sometimes, we meet people who raise our hopes up and everything come crashing down later or we ourselves makes promises to people and don’t come through with it.

There are several reasons people make empty promises and some of them may be surprising to you because they are things we can all relate with.

Inspired by All Women Stalk, here are 4 reasons people make empty promises

1. The inability to say ‘No’

Some people have a problem turning down request because they find themselves saying ‘yes’ to everything that comes their way. It’s good to say yes but sometimes you need to know where to draw the line in order to be happy.

One of the worst things ever is getting stuck in an awkward conversationOne of the worst things ever is getting stuck in an awkward conversation

2. Speaking before thinking

Sometimes we speak too soon without evaluating our needs, energy and time. You realize afterwards that you are caught between fulfilling the promise you made and knowing your limits.

3. The need to please others

No one loves rejection and most times, the need to please stems from the fear of being rejected. Maybe you are desperately trying to belong, so you’ll agree to just about anything at the expense of your happiness.


4. To manipulate and persuade

People make empty promises as a means to manipulate another into doing what they want without an intention to follow through. Using empty promises as a means for persuasion can bring distrust between both parties involved.

source: Pulse.ng


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