4 Phrases You Can Use To Appreciate Your Partner

Every single or married person likes to appear appealing to their partners and spouses within the first few weeks of being together, what happens after you get to know each other more?

Happy couple

We tend to take our partners for granted after we get used to them because we ‘assume’ they’ll always be there. This mindset kills a relationship faster because your partner becomes less and less appreciated due to other issue that come up like children, job commitments.

Single and married couples should always remind themselves to show appreciation for each other more often.

Inspired by SheKnows, here are 4 phrases couples can use to appreciate each other:

1. ‘Our relationship is the most important one I have on this earth’: Don’t get it twisted, no one will be as important as the person you marry because you’ll both build your lives with and around each other. You should let your partner know they are cherished everyday.

A happy couple 

2. ‘What do you want to do?’: It is a very important question can change the situation of things in your relationship. You get to understand your partner or spouse better and in turn they’ll know their opinion is highly valued.

3. ‘Thank you’: This two words, as simple as they sound, carry a lot of weight. Sometimes we forget to thank our partners for their efforts and it’s just plain good manners to actually appreciate them. It’ll make them feel more loved and respected.

A happy couple

4. ‘I can’t wait to see you’: Couples should long for each other, that greatly adds to the spark in relationships. The thought of you being away from your spouse or partner should inspire this kind of message, it keeps the relationship exciting.

source: pulse.ng


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