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4 Major Reasons Why Most Ladies Prefer Bad Men To Good Men

bad man
bad man

Ladies might say they prefer a good man who’s polite, indoors e.t.c but deep down they want a bad man who will thrill them and give them memories (either good or bad).

Ladies complained about their men being too boring and one even went as far as saying her man is too loyal and she wished he’s cheat on her at least once.

One even said she likes when a man beats her and her husband doesn’t beat her so sometimes when she feels like being beaten she would block the door when he want’s to go to work and start insulting him, that way he’d be forced to beat her and it makes her happy.

Agreed those scenarios are on the extreme side but here are 4 major reasons why women dig bad boys and friendzone the good boys.


1. Your self esteem is very low: A dude who treats you like crap is going to be able to smell out insecurity like a bloodhound. If you don’t recognize yourself as the boss female you are then you’re prime picking for someone who’s going to treat you like a second class citizen.


2. You Believe You can change him: “I know he treats me like shit now but I know i can change him.”  If you go into a relationship thinking you can change the other person into what you want them to be, you are almost always going to be disappointed. If you want a partner who will treat you well then don’t date someone who treats you like crap hoping they will change because they won’t.


3. You love the challenge: If you need a challenge then try training for a marathon or make it your goal to visit all states in Nigeria before you’re 40. While relationships are often challenging it shouldn’t be the draw. Enough said.


4. You are used to dating Douched bags: If you date someone who treats you like trash then you’ll be able to appreciate a functional relationship. Then again this is a stretch as far as motivation to date someone who is shitty to you but hopefully,.. it’s at least an unintended positive side effect. Being able to enjoy someone who treats you like the awesome babe you are after being with someone who treats you like his dustbin kind of assumes that you’ve left the relationship with someone who treats you like his trash.


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