4 Health Habits To Completely Avoid

Health tips abound, especially in the Internet age, giving everyone clues on how to live longer. However, there are certain health habits that must be avoided and those are equally important.

These are 4 health habits that you most definitely want to avoid:

  • Drinking habits: Taking sugary drinks every day and avoiding water will cause a number of ailments and leave your skin looking wrinkly. Take as much water as you can daily.

  • The weekend: Not working out following a weekend of eating the most unhealthy things is probably not a great idea. If you are going to go on a weekend bender then combat it with a good workout.

  • Stay the same: The worst thing you can do fitness wise is not challenge yourself. If you start out with a certain number of reps, you should up after a while.

  • The wrong attire: For cardio like running or jumping, you want to make sure your ‘sensitive’ parts are safe and secure so that nothing comes spilling out.

source: pulse.ng


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