4 Differences Between People Who Have Successful Marriages And Those Who Don’t

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There are numerous advices for couples who are willing to work through their issues. But the truth is, not every couple would be able to make it past their marriage troubles.


Some will find it easier to do so because they are working together to achieve a common goal. It just means they have a few qualities which other couples with failed marriages don’t.

Inspired by SheKnows, here are 4 differences between people who have successful marriages and those who don’t

1. They don’t depend on each other to fulfill all of their needs

Couples who have successful marriages choose their partners out of love and not out of fear of being alone or desperation. These people have other things and activities that will add to the satisfaction they already feel by having each other. They both grow as individuals and as a couple.

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2. Despite the troubles, you still want to be with each other

Troubles in relationships should tear couples apart; rather it means a better relationship should be formed. These kinds of issues are more of resentments that have been accumulated for some time leading to an emotional disconnection. An open conversation between couples maybe with a therapist should get them through this rut.

3. They are very committed to each other

There are no threats of divorce in the relationship because they know that no one is going anywhere no matter what. They have eyes just for each other and won’t go out seeking someone else when issues arise in the home. Their trust for each other is rock solid.

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4. They don’t trade blames; rather look for ways to solve the problem

Communication is key but good communication opens the door to a better relationship. Couples who listen and empathize with each other stay together for a long time. They are able to talk about their needs and find a solution from there.

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  1. Marriage will not always be one big bowl of roses and I try to remember that myself. I am not perfect and because of it, I don’t feel that my husband should have to be perfect either. I strive not to tuck my head in-between my tail and cry divorce quickly looking towards running into another man’s arms with all the same baggage; one because things are not going my way and also because I don’t truly believe that we can ever run from ourselves. I believe inevitably that openness and honesty naturally heals all things and that secrets and deceitfulness only tends to add salt to an already open wound. However, I don’t push or harass either or pry because I also believe that in due time all things meant to be revealed shall be and there is no need as I am content in life to push myself into tearing down anyone else by jumping head over hills to reveal them because I believe that naturally they will eventually reveal themselves…

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