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4 Categories Of Office Romance And What To Do In Each Situation

Here are 4 situations and what you do when you find yourself in an office romance with a colleague.

1. The fling
Just started an office affair, tread more cautiously. You don’t want to set the office gossip mills abuzz.
What to do: Until it’s serious, hide it.

2. Dating the boss
A minefield: get together with the boss and you are sleeping your way to the top. And if you are the boss you’ll be accused of abusing power.
What to do: Switch your sights to someone more lateral to you. Or hide it at all cost.

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3. Forbidden romance
Some offices have strict dating policies, but the forbidden fruit always seems sweeter. Ask yourself: are you looking for passion or promotion?
What to do: Follow company guidelines.

4. Dating the partner
Starting a business with your significant other is a good and bad thing. Good because you can discuss anything, bad because the personal and professional mix.

What to do: Cultivate smaller egos.
Nearly 5 per cent of workers who have had an office romance say they have left a job because of an office relationship gone sour.


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