3 Unusual Health Hacks For Everyone

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What do you do when you have tried all the usual fitness and wellness exercises and tips you know and then you see no result? You try the unconventional. Here are 3 unconventionalwellness and health hacks:

  • Learn to cook: This is actually quite practical in regards to how much people tend to spend on food from outside, which most times you’re not sure of the nutritional value of what you are being served. At home, you can monitor that.

  • Gym hard and fast: No one says you must spend at least 6 hours at the gym, working every single muscle. The most effective workouts are brief and targeted. Try alternating muscle groups with a quick workout period each time you’re at the gym.

  • Deal with the carbs: Instead of packing on the pounds with the unhealthy foods, try to cut off all the unhealthy carbs and sugars. It will help to save you a lot of stress and bad skin as well.

    source: pulse.ng


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