3 Things ANCWL Said About Mduduzi Manana Assault

Mduduzi Manana Assault

Earlier, we reported that the Mduduzi Manana assault incident has brought negative attention to the Deputy Minister of Higher Education.

While Mr Manana has a criminal case to face, calls are being made for him to apologize for the incident and resign from his office.

Clearly, many South Africans were pissed by the Mduduzi Manana assault incident. And, for some reasons, have been anticipating what the women league of Manana’s party will say about the incident.

Well, below are the 3 things ANCWL said about the incident:

1. It’s a disturbing incident ANCWL acknowledged that the Mduduzi Manana assault

incident is disturbing. “(We have) noted the disturbing reports alleging that the Deputy Minister of Higher Education Cde Mduduzi Manana and his friends physically assaulted women at a Pub in the past weekend,” read the first paragraph of the statement the league issued.

2. Mduduzi Manana must face the might of the law if he’s guilty

The ANCWL condemned violence against women and upheld that perpetrators must face the might of the law. But, the league won’t ignore the principles of innocent until proven guilty. “Based on media reports, we are led to believe that a case has been reported to the police and we urge all witnesses to come forward to assist law enforcement agencies in resolving the matter,” stated ANCWL.

Mduduzi Manana Assault

With that, the women league stressed that it will always support victims of violence.

3. No one is above the law Here, ANCWL called for a fair and just trial.

“All shall be equal before the law and we are hoping for a fair and just trial as no one is above the law. “As we mark the 61st anniversary of the women’s month, society must unite against the scourge of violence against women and children. Women’s Rights are Human Rights,” added the league.


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