3 Shocking Side Effects Of M@sturb@tion

This is a cultural abomination, it shouldn’t be talked about by any means, not to discuss analyzing it and checking whether it has justifies or not. While it’s as yet being considered as a despicable demonstration in which a many  of us take part in yet denounce publicly.

While it may seem like a purely male act, the females aren’t left out with impressive stats too, 83% of women who participated in the study disclosed they masturbated frequently.

Revealed in the study includes that one third of the women said they did it several times a week, and another 12% admitted to doing it every day.

As for the male folks, they didn’t mince words, 94% of the participants said they jerk off, another 60% said they do it several times a week, and 35% do it every day.

Laura Hampson, Daily Star reveals 3 side effects of masturbat!on.

1. Disease prevention

Who would have thought that jerking off can help you prevent disease, this should be legalized with a time table sheet on the bathroom stall in the office for masturbation periods. According to a Harvard Medical study that studied the sex lives of 32,000 healthy guys for 18 years, 3,839 of them later were diagnosed with prostate cancer. Amongst this group, they were asked about how many times they “orgasmed” in a month and results were surprising.

The guys who were aged between 40-49 who ejaculated 21 or more times in each month had 22% lower risk of developing the disease than men who ejaculated between four to seven times.

Not forgetting the women, it can also help fight against UTIs by flushing the cervix.

2. It can be a pain and stress reliever


Yes! Masturbation can help you relieve your stress, help you relax. Masturbat!on releases endorphins that elevates moods. “In both men and women it [masturbat!on] provides release of stress, a time to commune with oneself (taking stock of one’s emotional state and needs), and for some even the possibility of greater self-awareness or insight,” Dr. Jordan Tishler told Medical Daily.

Bonus fact, it can also help you sleep better, and for the ladies, it can reduce pain that occurs as a result of menstruation.

3. Addiction

This is perhaps the biggest problem of them all, we’ve discussed all the good part of masturbat!on, the negative side is that it can become an addiction. Therapist Dee Wagner told Medical Daily that masturbat!on can, “serve as a chronic way to avoid intimacy with others, which in the long run can cause anxiety.”

This addiction can be damaging for the mental health, and it then leads to talking longer time to climax as the addiction persists.


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