2016 was Malema and the EFF’s year, here are their biggest, and most controversial Moments

Julius Malema

While 2016’s given us a few shockers from the EFF, none more concerning than the warnings to white people in general; the party’s also had a few, more entertaining moments this year.

Juju and his red berets have certainly made their mark on 2016 and, while at times very controversial, there’s no denying the changes they’ve brought about in our political and economic landscape this year.

Let’s kick the list off with some of their more controversial, and essentially racist comments.

Ok, now that’s done, here’s the lighter side of the EFF.

And finally, who can forget THAT arrangement between the reds and the DA, ensuring the opposition takes control of all but two of South Africa’s major cities… and all the largest economic hubs.

Oh yeah, and then there’s what other folks had to say about Malema and his freedom fighters… some good, some not so great.


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