What To Do In Your Twenties

Start saving for the future.

Start saving for the future.

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The beauty of saving for your retirement in your 20s lies in compound interest, Allison says.Even if you open a retirement account today and put in $5 a month, “the effects of compound interest on that extra decade or two can literally mean the difference of hundreds of thousands of dollars more that you will have for your retirement.”

Similarly, Tanmoy Roy suggests having fun but living frugally and allocating some money to pay off your debt on a monthly basis. You may not be saving for a home just yet, but down the road your student loans could prevent home ownership.

Be better informed.

Be better informed.

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To find a meaningful cause, McDonald suggests keeping up with the latest current events by following the news.

“Chances are, you’ll find your passion, whether that’s a cause you’re interested in or a niche you believe you can fill,” she says.

Sanjay Kadel advises being wary about where you get your information. “Don’t believe in whatever is there on the internet,” he writes. “Do some research and then conclude whether it should be registered or eradicated.”



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“Fail,” advises Arpit Sethi. “Out of our teens, this is the best thing that can contribute in the making of an adult. The more we fail, the more we learn.”

You’ll never have more energy or ability to think than when you’re in your 20s, says Shulamit Widawsky, and you’ll never be more vulnerable. This is the time to push your limits and recover from the failures that are inevitable when you take risks.

“Knowing what you can do and what you can recover from will make the whole rest of your life more successful,” she says.

Review your week.

Review your week.

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“One great habit is a weekly review to look back at the past week and lay out the one coming up,” says Curt Beavers.

He advises pondering:

1. What went well last week? (Celebrate and continue these.)

2. What didn’t go well? (Stop, overcome, or remove these from your plate.)

3. Based on the answers above, what changes do I need to make to make this week better?




It doesn’t matter how much you travel in your 20s, says Shrey Garg, but rather how you travel.

“Don’t be a tourist, but a traveler. This will help increase your vision and make you realize how big and small the world is at the same time,” he says.

The key, according to Allison, is experiencing new things: “Get to know that there is a bigger world out there. Learn about other cultures. Try new foods. You will be surprised at what you discover.”

Mario Hari suggests traveling with complete strangers. “Experience the motley mindset of people. And if you study their emotions carefully, you will get an intuition about what every soul is searching for,” he writes.




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