Tired Of Reading About Jacob Zuma? There’s An App To Make It All Go Away

The developer of the ‘Fallen Zuma’ extension on Google’s Chrome web browser says he built it because South Africans feel “powerless”.

If you’re getting a bit tired about constantly reading about Jacob Zuma, there’s an extension for Chrome that can help you with that.

The extension says it will “Impeach Zuma from the Internet“.

Mitch Said has designed the “Fallen Zuma” extension for Chrome and promises that it will remove all mentions of Zuma from your browser.

“Corruption allegations, Constitutional Court rulings and popular outrage have all proved powerless – until now. Finally, state-of-the-art technology has revealed a method to remove President Zuma (from the internet),” says a description on the extension’s website.

“Add this Chrome extension for guaranteed Zuma-free browsing, and live in online world where Zuma has already fallen,” says the description.”

When you install the app, the word Zuma falls away from the screen, leaving only blank spaces.

source: The South African


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