Former South African TV Personality Precious Schamel Opens Up About Raising A Mixed-Race Family

Precious‚ who once lit up our screens as the host of Precious Africa‚ is married to a white American man. The couple have two children.

Taking to Instagram recently‚ Precious reveals that even though race is not a big issue in her family‚ they are not immune to discriminative comments made about them.

“We’re definitely not immune to race issues and do experience our share of prejudicial comments more often than I care to count‚” Precious wrote.

“I’m not going to pretend like colour isn’t a thing‚ as even the most well-meaning human loving individuals in our lives aren’t able to truly see passed the colour of my skin.”

To the other extreme‚ Precious revealed that she has received a lot of messages from people who share how they would love to have mixed-race children and a white husband‚ like her.

She says that at first these messages “rubbed me the wrong way” but then she realised that there was a time when she too went “googoo gaga over children of mixed race” and thought marrying over the colour line may make the marriage easier.

“After two kids and being married for nearly five years‚ that naive girl has grown a bit. What I would like to tell my young self is that a man is a man‚ period. And a woman is a woman‚ period. With race it’s so easy for each one of us to generalize and place people within a box of our own understanding. Life is far more complex than the complexion of your skin.”

Source: Sowetan Live


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