13 Reasons Why Being Single Is Absolutely Awesome

Being single is actually beyond awesome and I cannot agree more with it. But then, when you see those love-struck couples around you, you surely regret being single. The next time you see any romantic couple around, you don’t need to regret being single because here are a few reasons why being single is awesome:


1. When you are single you can take independent decisions.

2. You are not responsible for your partner and his/her needs.

3. You don’t need to explain all the reasons behind why you did or didn’t do something.

4. You are completely free to be selfish without others making you feel guilty about it.

5. When you see a missed call, it doesn’t mean an angry partner will be waiting at home for you!

6. Having crushes is fun and you are free to explore options with other people.

7. You don’t need to wake up early just to make sure that your partner wakes up as well.

8. Want to get drunk? Well, you can proceed without informing anyone.

9. Now you can hog on the chicken biryani yourself.

No more sharing it with anyone.

10. You don’t need to deal with petty fights that happen when you’re involved with someone.

11. You don’t need to juggle between giving time to different people!

Yes, your time is yours and you can spend it the way you want to.

12. You can make out with anyone you want to, with no strings attached.

13. The real happiness? No shaving! Whether you’re a guy or a girl, you can appreciate this.

source: Top Yaps


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