13 Jumpsuits That Makes You Look Instantly Hot When You’re Feeling Lazy

Look Instantly Hot When You're Feeling Lazy in These 13 Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits and playsuits are, without a doubt, the solution to our look-hot, feel-lazy sort of day. It’s an all-in-one outfit, and they are so comfortable to wear (just make sure you have enough time to go to the bathroom when the need arises). Amp up your jumpsuit by throwing on a pair of lace-up heels or tone it down with a pair of strappy sandals. Our favourite no-fail look is a sexy little black jumpsuit paired with street-vibe sneakers. Add a bright red or orange lipstick and you are ready to conquer the world.

1. R180, MRP

2. R550, Fortune

3. R799, Rare Londo

4. R140, MRP

5. R99,99, MRP

6. R119.99, MRP

7. R350, Style Republic

8. R345, Edge

9. R899, Witchery

10. R499, London Hub

11. R150, MRP

12. R799, Rare London

13. R899, Witchery


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