Here Are 7 Actions You Need To Stop Feeling Guilty About

Not losing your baby weight 4.3 seconds after giving birth. This is unrealistic and forces women to feel insecure despite what they have just endured.

Not flossing, brushing and rinsing twice a day every day. We all know that doing these things is the best thing for one’s dental health, but there is no need to beat yourself up if you *shock horror* forget to floss one sleepy Friday eve.

Saying ‘no’. We are a generation of people-pleasers and FOMO sufferers. Sometimes our symptoms are so deep-set, this word may need to be ingrained in your vocabulary through role playing with a willing friend.

Your food choices. Eat meat or don’t eat meat; buy organic or don’t. You know your body best. Don’t let people guilt you into following their fads. (And don’t become preachy about your choices, either.)

Not exercising every spare minute of your day. Not everything you do needs to be seen as an opportunity to exercise. Exercise is, of course, good, but a quiet evening on the couch with a slab of chocolate isn’t going to kill you.

Taking care of your skin. Your biggest organ needs a lot of care – don’t let your youthful self convince you that starting to look after your skin now is a waste of time and money. No one ever regretted looking good in old age.

Spoiling yourself with something you love. Whether you’re into expensive shoes, pricey body products, or fine dining, spoiling yourself every now and again makes you feel as though you are worth being treated. You know what? You are.


source: The South African


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