Popular South African Pastor Hired 20 Bodyguards To Protect Him From Angry Church Members

It was drama and chaos as a popular church as members are locked in a brutal war with their pastor who has now hired 20 bodyguards to protect his life.

For the past eight weeks the United Reformed Church of South Africa in Seshego’s zone 2, Limpopo has been a battlefield, Daily Sun SA reports.
This is because the church members are at war with Reverend Selaelo Kgatla that each time he ascends the pulpit, the church members rise and start singing, not allowing him to preach.
According them, they claim his term of office expired in 2014 and demand that he gets down and sits among them!
As a result, the man of God has now devised a peculiar means to win the war. It is alleged that two weeks ago Reverend Kgatla allegedly came to church with about 20 bodyguards to protect him in case the congregation attacked him.
Following several disruptions, the church council fined nine members for attempting to dethrone the elected church management. This angered other church members who said the whole congregation should be fined.
Church member Phuti Senyatsi said they needed an interim committee to run the church before elections could take place.

“We came to church on Wednesday and found it locked. The keys were in the hands of the reverend who is not allowed to have them. We want an interim committee to run the church as we still have challenges,” said Phuti.
On Sunday Reverend Kgatla came alone, and the church members lashed out at him for locking the church doors on Wednesday.
Speaking to Daily Sun, Reverend Kgatla said: “I’m not refusing to step down. I was doing a good job and when I was supposed to retire, the church council said they cannot let me go so they gave me a five-year contract.

“The church has a membership of 1 100. The group that is making all the noise doesn’t even make up 10% of the total membership.

“They are not the church council. They’re just jealous of me,” said the reverend.
source: Tori.ng

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