Map Shows How South Africa Has Lost Almost 47 000 Skilled Professionals Through Migration

The United Kingdom and Australia are the two biggest draw card for South Africans, according to the map with 18 500 Saffas leaving for the former while 13 000 left for the latter.

Canada, Ireland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Sweden, New Zealand, Greece and Switzerland makes up the rest of the top ten countries South Africans leave for. The UK and Australia are, however, the only two countries with SA expats in the 10 000 or more figure.

Canada and Australia were the biggest draw card for South Africans in the “general managers” category with 2967 in the former and 2410 in the latter.

But it becomes quite clear that the data is lacking when you take a closer look.

The map does not show any South Africans having left for the United Arab Emirates and shows just 21 – two teachers – having left for Japan. Japan, like a number of other Asian countries, is a hotbed for those pursuing careers in teaching English while the UAE is a popular destination for healthcare professionals, creatives and those in the hotel industry.

Still, the skills drain, particularly that of teachers is troubling. A 2015 report by InterNations Expat Insider found that almost half of all South African expats are skilled employees or managers. A quarter of those identify as being in top management positions.

The InterNations report says that  70% of South African expats are generally satisfied with leaving the country, with only 13% report feeling dissatisfied with their decision.

source: The South African


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