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Here Are The Key Things Cassper Shares In His Song About Boity

Cassper Nyovest, real name Refiloe Phoolo, showed up on South Africa’s launching episode of Lip Sync Fight Africa with his ex-girlfriend, Television presenter Boity Thulo, on Thursday night.

Right after the episode broadcast, Nyovest launched an emotional song called Super Ex-spouse where he describes a few of the information of his split with Thulo. While this can be an advertising and marketing stunt, it’s still a fantastic song thatprovides a lot of understanding right into the collapse of South Africa’s ‘it’ couple.

Super Ex was released on SoundCloud and immediately started trending on Twitter.

Here are the key things Cassper shares in the song:

He is too committed to his music to have a relationship

“Man‚ I just broke up with my girlfriend‚ to me she used to mean the world man. Maybe I’m just too committed to the music. Maybe I’m stupid‚ I’m too much of a cool kid. Sometimes I find myself lonely‚ thinking ‘what if she really was my soulmate’.”

He hadn’t known about Boity’s True Love ‘break-up’ cover 

“Oh well‚ there goes the power couple. I really thought we would make it. Maybe we would have if I wasn’t as famous. You aint really have to go to the papers behind my back and only tell when the cover came out. Girl‚ that was whack. But it’s cool‚ I’m not trying to highlight all the negatives.”

Their love was real

“Our love was real and I don’t want to discredit it. You got along with my mom and all my relatives. My dad said you the one before we ended it. He kept telling me to fight for you‚ but that don’t matter now. You chose to make it official‚ hope you feel better now.”

Amanda du-Pont cheated on him

“All I have are these memories of how we used to make love and how we used to promise each other we’d never break up. At least you never cheated like Miss du-Pont.”

source: Destinyman


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