ANC Women’s League (ANCWL) Has Shown Its Strong Support For President Jacob Zuma

Yet again the ANC Women’s League (ANCWL) has shown its strong support for President Jacob Zuma. The organisation says it can no longer keep quiet about the attacks levelled against the president. This comes in the wake of repeated calls for Zuma to step down.

On Tuesday, the ANC Gauteng Branch said Zuma should do the right thing because the Constitutional Court ruling on Nkandla will hurt the party.

Respected people such as Finance Minister Trevor Manuel, struggle icon Ahmed Khathrada and George Bizos have all called for Zuma to resign. In an interview on Soweto TV last Tuesday, Manuel said Zuma should step down for violating the Constitution.

He said violation of the Constitution by a head of state was a serious crisis.

In a statement, the ANCWL accused Manuel and former President Thabo Mbeki of ignoring calls from the public to stop the government from buying ABSA Bank Limited from Barclays Group Ltd, as the bank allegedly funded the apartheid government.

“There was an outcry by many of our people when the deal went through, noting the many deaths that Barclays was involved in funding the apartheid military with billions to kill ANC operatives, PAC/AZAPO combatants and civilians.

“In essence this could not have been possible without the approval by our very own Former Finance Minister Trevor Manuel and our then-President Thabo Mbeki to take charge despite of Barclays bank’s many crimes against South Africa and her people, [sic]” the ANCWL said.

Manuel’s wife Maria Ramos, who is the Group CEO of Barclays Africa, was not spared in the attack. The ANCWL reminded South Africans of the role Manuel and Ramos played in the treasury.

“She was also appointed board member of the REMGRO Group co-owned by the Ruperts, not forgetting [the] Ruperts’ gracious hospitality in hosting both Maria Ramos and Trevor Manuel’s wedding at one of his lavish vineyards in Stellenbosch,” the statement reads.

“After many years of their invasion, the Ruperts are billionaires, with the Rothchilds and a few others in control of the world’s finance, ‘The World Bank’ [sic]”

The organisation concluded that it will not be fazed by the negativity around Zuma and that they had forgiven the president for his transgressions.

Source: Destinyconnect


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