Erykah Badu Has Been Accused Of Condoning Rape Culture

Singer Erykah Badu has been accused of condoning rape culture after she made comments that young women should dress in a certain way.

In a series of tweets, Erykah addressed male sexuality and how it is natural for men to be sexually aroused by a woman who is wearing a short skirt.

However, some people interpreted her words as saying that women are to blame for rape because they don’t dress appropriately.

Botha points out a number of things that are wrong with Erykah’s comments.

First is the assumption that men are animals who have no control over their behaviour. He also points out that society needs to move away from seeing women as objects.

“There needs to be a change in gender norms that say that women’s bodies are objects to be abused and controlled,” he says.

Botha adds that what is even sadder about Badu’s comments is that she is a woman and therefore should be fighting for women’s liberation.

“We need to inculcate a different sexual culture for boys and men. Men are not animals, they have an ability to know between right and wrong,” he says. This includes no longer telling women what they should do in terms of how they dress, how they walk or where they work.

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  1. If she is wrong then why don’t you explain the innumerable amount of women raped daily,(forget yearly) or what about prostitutes slapped around, spit on, beat up, and some just outright killed and FYI this is after they’ve already had sex with them. She isn’t wrong nor is she the first to have said it Tupac spoke on it through his lyrics years ago (women & how they carry themselves in nightclubs) then there was Lauryn but if they wish it to continue to fall on deaf ears then so be it. To each their own people will tire of continuing to feeling sorry for them

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