Dineo Nchabeleng To Play Sli In Mzansi Magic’s Ring Of Lies

Actress Dineo Nchabeleng will return to our small screens to play Sli in Mzansi Magic’s Ring of Lies.

The show debuts on 2 May and follows the story of a bare-knuckle boxing champion Neo (Mpho Sebeng) who is scouted by well-known manager, Mandla (Masoja Msiza) in rural Limpopo.

Nchabeleng will appear alongside well-known actors Mpho Sebeng, Bohang Moeko and Florence Masebe. “The cast of this production are nothing short of amazing and the story itself is strong. I hope that everyone comes along on the journey because there is a twist in each episode,” she says.

Nchabeleng plays Sli, the daughter of Mandla, who catches the eye of boxer Neo. The difficulty is that Mandla is Neo’s manager.

Nchabeleng admits that preparing for her role as Sli was quite intense as it involved more than just rehearsing lines. “We had pre-production with the director for character workshops, which included script-reading. We also had boxing training with a personal trainer.”

Nchabeleng has come a long way since her days as a child star, playing Angie in the original Generations. “It was difficult being a child in the industry let alone being a child that was on TV,” she says. “Kids will be kids, so I often dealt with teasing. What was most difficult was balancing school and work, but my family played a major role in helping to keep the balance. The older I got, the easier it was to adjust.”

These days, Nchabeleng has a different balancing act to pull off: balancing motherhood and acting, and she gives credit to her family for their support.

“I am so blessed to have my family because they are nothing short of amazing. They are so supportive and never absent in helping with my daughter. I believe I am a blessed lady to be surrounded by so much love and support.”

Nchabeleng is excited about this new chapter in her career and believes in always working to perfect your craft. “As a performer, I don’t believe you ever stop learning. As long as we are open to learning and listening, we are on the right track. It’s important to treat each role as your first so you continuously push yourself to do better.”

source: Destinyconnect


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