12 Places where you can legally celebrate Guy Fawkes and Diwali in Port Elizabeth

Cape Town – The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipal Council has approved 12 sites for the discharge of fireworks for the upcoming Guy Fawkes on 5 November.

These places are:
Port Elizabeth
• Joorst Park Beach
The sandy beach area as well as the back of beach grassed areas within the resort. The sand dunes remain excluded.

• Wells Estate Beach
The sandy beach and the back of beach grassed areas. The sand dunes remain excluded.

• Bluewater Bay Beach
The flat sandy beach area from the Swartkops River Mouth up to the Coega Riverall dune areas remain excluded.

• Southern beaches
The sandy beach area from a line subtended across Kings Beach from the Supertube to the sea in a general southerly directions. This area, in line with a similar line subtended through the Beacon opposite Admirality Drive. Aerial fireworks should be discharged on this designated area of Kings Beach to the north of MacArthur Baths. All dune and grassed areas at the back of the beach remain excluded from the designated area.
• Open area between Lovebird Street & Tiryville
• Open area between Kamesh- & Maduna Road
• Open area in Gerald Street
• Open area Inngs Avenue next to railway line
• Open area in Amanda Street

• Open area between Mqolomba- & Jabavu Road
• Open area between Ponana Tini- & Tize Street
• Open area near Waterwheel in Main Street

– Anyone under the age of 16 is not permitted to discharge fireworks.
– Fireworks may only be fired from 18:00 to 21:00.

In terms of the Community Fire Safety By-law:
– Areas where fireworks are to be discharged must be at least 100m from buildings, roads and railway lines
– Areas where fireworks are to be discharged must be at least 20m from telephone and power lines, trees or other overhead obstructions
– Areas where fireworks are to be discharged must be at least 500m from any petroleum depots, explosives magazine or gas cylinder
– Vehicles must be parked at least 100m away from the firing points
The Fire and Emergency Services can be contacted in case of emergency on 041 585 1555.
If you would like to discharge fireworks in any location in South Africa, very strict laws and fines apply. 
Unless special Council authorisation has been applied for and granted, fireworks are not allowed to be discharged.

This is to ensure overall safety from fire and other safety risks, to protect injury and fatality and to ensure the protection of animals, children and the elderly.


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