How To Make Decorate Your Home Without Spending Extra Money

Home decoration is where people take the advantage to completely own the space that they live in by letting their personality, tastes and preferences visible for everyone to see and appreciate. These days, getting a professional decorator to help you transfer your unique characteristics to your walls, ceilings and floors is a sure way to achieve amazing results, but not everyone can afford to do so. What’s more, not everyone needs to! Copy these fabulous hacks (and there’s so much more) to give your home the ‘you’ feel that you so desire using items that you already have as decor inspiration.

Your fridge is more than just a big old cooler thing.

Get artsy with these tips.


Use clips like these to turn those unsightly wires on your walls around.


Plain doors? No problem. Transform them using as little as masking tape.


A lot of us have those light switches that we desperately want to wish elsewhere. Switch them up like this.


Give your ordinary folding chairs life! Spray paint them.


Whether from the outset or over time, we get stuck with boring floor tiles. Thank goodness for paint.


More ‘unsightlys’ on the walls that need to go? Do this.


We all know vases don’t have to be plain. Get creative.


Organisation also helps when you’re trying to make a space attractive. Again, so do colours.


How nicely decorated does your home look now?


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