10 Things Unemotional Women Can Identify With

Women are naturally known to be emotional, sometimes too emotional for their own good. But other times you are likely to meet one or two women that are unemotional.

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It doesn’t mean they are heartless, but they tend to control what they feel a little bit more than others. These women tend to be called out more than others because they are described as different from other females.

But it’s okay to be an unemotional female because you see life in another perspective.

Inspired by All Women Stalk, here are 10 things unemotional women can identify with:

1. You may have issues in your romantic relationships because your partner isn’t likely to understand your unemotional side.

2. You don’t often show people you care a lot but deep inside you do care; it just doesn’t show on the surface.

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3. When you find a person that really gets you, your emotional walls come crumbling down.

4. You don’t do well with comforting people; it’s just not in your nature.

5. You find it hard to trust people.

6. Your emotions sends off the wrong message, making people think you are ungrateful

7. You aren’t really good at handling kinds

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8. You know how to guard your heart till that patient person waits long enough to open up

9. You have a few friends because of the kind of emotional connection that runs through and bring you closer to them

10. You have been accused many times of being antisocial and a robot.

Source: Pulse.ng


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