10 Things People Get Wrong About South Africa


South Africa is just too far out for some foreigners. These gems will never get old…

We all have them now and then, those stupid thoughts or questions that bubble up in our brains and pop out of our mouths. Brain farts, they’re called. Fortunately Google is more often than not in our pockets, and we’re able to quickly brush up on our general knowledge and save ourselves the humiliation.

Unfortunately, that is not the case for every human being. Especially not when it comes to a country as foreign as South Africa, it seems.

For your viewing pleasure, we’ve compiled a few of our favourite questions foreigners commonly ask about South Africa.

1. Do you have … in Africa

(Electricity, ATMs, supermarkets, pet lions, paved roads, Christmas, white people.)


2. Do you speak African?


3. Do you hunt your own food?


4. How do you drive with animals running around everywhere?


5. Do you live in huts?


6. I have a friend in Zimbabwe do you know him?


7. How did you get to London? Because Africa doesn’t have an airport…


8. Is South Africa the capital of Africa?


9. So where exactly is South Africa?


10. And, when you tell someone you’re from SA…

Their response is usually, “Ah yes, Nelson Mandela?”


source: sathegoodnews


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