10 small ways you can make an impact without it costing the Earth

10 small ways you can make an impact without it costing the Earth

Amidst the busyness of life, fighting traffic, checking Facebook, Eskom telling us to use less electricity and e-tolls casting an eerie blue glow on our daily commute it is unsurprising that people feel pushed from all sides.The energy to lobby for Limpopo’s Wolkberg Zulu butterfly or buy overpriced ‘green’ dishwashing liquid can feel as inspiring as the prospect of plunging a blocked toilet. Well, thankfully you don’t need to spend all day planning your next frogging expedition to find endangered species. Here are 10 ways you can easily make an impact on World Environment Day without it costing the earth. Try them out and pass them on to your friends and family to spread the impact.

  1. Change your bulbs

Using energy efficient lightbulbs in your home can make a lasting impact to our environment, so much so that if enough people change a single bulb in their home, it is like removing cars from the road. Amazingly they work for longer and work out cheaper than conventional bulbs. There you go Eskom.

  1. Don’t just put it to sleep

Many of us are guilty of leaving our computers on all night when we aren’t using them. One simple click is all it takes and it will help your computer last longer and save you electricity. It may also save on your Wi-Fi bill.

  1. Time to heat things up

For those who love to cook, this is for you. Once your food is in the oven, check your food through the window to keep the warmth inside. The retained heat drastically reduces electricity usage.

  1. Less is more

Those plastic packets you buy at the shops, ditch them. But not on the road like so many have been. Men use your arms to carry the stuff, and for those who don’t have the dexterity to carry 37 packets of 2 minute noodles, buy the reusable bags. They look better and the Woolies ones help save endangered animals. Double Whammy!

  1. Turn it off

And we are not talking about that heat in the kitchen you just got going, we are talking about water. Leaving the tap running whilst you brush your teeth wastes large amounts of water that can be better used elsewhere in South Africa, and in the Sahara.

  1. Group your errands

Want to save on e-tolls? Grouping your errands and doing them all in one trip will ensure that you use less fuel and get stuff done quicker.

  1. Maintain your vehicle

That clunk you have been hearing for the past month, get it checked out. This will not only extend the life of your trusted car but it is helping the environment because a properly looked after car improves the car’s performance. But we wouldn’t suggest going faster, it uses more fuel.

  1. Rechargeable is the way

Having a couple of sets of rechargeable batteries will cost you a little bit extra to begin with but will last you a lot longer. It will also save you when your torch starts to go in the middle of load shedding.

  1. Give back

Giving back to the environment is the best way to preserve it. Plant a tree or two and watch a little sapling grow into a beautiful life-holding tree. This should make you happy, although we don’t suggest planting anything alien, or illegal.

  1. Give away

Lost those extra kg’s at the gym? Give those redundant clothes away! You can either donate them or give them to someone in need; this will make their day and give you a warm feeling.





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