Here are 10 Jobs with the Highest Earning Potential in South Africa (Right Now)

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You may not trust that cash can get you anything. Be that as it may, if research is anything to pass by, you’ll soon discover that numerous individuals still consider pay and remuneration as top of the rundown when they consider regardless of whether to acknowledge an occupation.

So we took to Glassdoor to discover which employments as of now offer the most noteworthy pay potential:

10. Integrated Circuit Designer Engineer

Highest earning potential: R712 822 p/a

9. Lawyer

Highest earning potential: R721 294 p/a

8. Pharmacy Manager

Highest earning potential: R773 024 p/a

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7. IT Manager

Highest earning potential: R789 152 p/a

6. Research and Development Manager

Highest earning potential: R909 466 p/a

5. Software Development Manager

Highest earning potential: R940 163 p/a

4. Solutions Architect

Highest earning potential: R986 595 p/a

3. Software Architect

Highest earning potential: R1 007 857 p/a

2. Strategy Manager

Highest earning potential: R1 200 856 p/a

1. Physician

Highest earning potential: R1 440 000 p/a

However, remember that in this digital age a great paycheck is not the be-all and end-all of job satisfaction. One important aspect to consider is having a set of skills that are in high demand. The increase in artificial intelligence machines is threatening to replace certain job skills, and form a bigger part of our workforce by 2020 (that’s 4 years from now)!

Those who want to keep their place in this progressively competitive job market and of course earn the big bucks will over the next few years have to change the way they think and act and acquire the right set of skills. Online institutions, such as Udemy, offer the perfect opportunity to upskill and ensure you advance in your professional and personal life.


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