10 habits to let go off as you get more mature

The older we get the more responsible we become. Also, things tend to slow down in regards to ‘living on the fast lane’ as we’re starting to settle down. So, here are a few things we need to let go of as we get older.

Check out a list of things and habits we must simply forgo if we’re going to be more mature and responsible:

  • Fast foods: It’s not such a hard rule. Fast food is unhealthy and your body metabolism is getting slower so save your body the stress by eating healthier and cleaner.

  • Driving: You’re not as young as you used to be so you can’t afford to drive at unreasonable speeds anymore. You need to take things slowly.

  • Video games: There are certainly more constructive things you could be doing with your life and time at this point. So, pack up the video games and spend less time with them.

  • Dorm room: It’s high time you left your college days behind you. Clean up after yourself as opposed to leaving a mess everywhere.

  • Tattoos: This is something we do in our younger years because it’s fun and wild and no one cares. Now, you’re working a white collar job and it’s not that cool.

  • Drinking: You absolutely cannot afford to drink as much as your college days anymore. For some of us we have responsibilities such as families and jobs to think of.

  • Paycheck: Plan your days ahead and schedule your paycheck instead of living from paycheck to paycheck, so you can save for the future.

  • Crappy jobs: Buckle up and go for top jobs within your field. If you have to study some more or take some professional tests than do it and advance yourself.

  • Dressing: The days of sagging and dressing like you’re heading to the corner shop everyday is long gone. Dress smart like you want to be respected.

  • Social courtesy: Pay attention to social decorum. Watch out when you’re in public in the company of others and act accordingly.

    source: pulse.ng


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