8 Foods You Must Always Have In Your Kitchen

Nutritionists are the health gurus of our century, let’s face it. Here is a sneak peak into what most nutritionists always have on hand in their pantry or fridge for those food emergencies. I know for sure that what is in MY fridge doesn’t exactly make this list (ah-hem last night’s champagne anyone?).  Even if the contents of our fridge are vastly different from that of a certified nutritionist, who is sure to stock their kitchen with only the best and healthiest foods, we can still learn a little from following their lead and keeping some of these ingredients always on hand.

So in an effort to kick off the fall right, here are what most nutritionists always have on hand in their pantry —come hell or high water. And as it turns out, seems like I wasn’t in as bad a shape as a I thought, minus that bottle of champagne.

1. Eggs





2. Leafy Greens




3. Coconut Oil







4. Fermented Foods







5. Quinoa




6. Lemons




7. Cucumbers




8. Chicken




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