10 Fact Every Woman Should Avoid In Marriage

Marriage is so precious and that is why God ordained it, but sometimes we are the causes of some misfortune,some of the fact we should be careful with!!!!!!
1)Avoid exposing your husband weakness to your friends or family.

2) shouting at your spouse,just because he is dull and Quite, they take it as an advantages by going out without  permission and come home anytime they like.

3) leaving all the house chores to your househelp, cooking for your husband, washing his boxes and his clothes.

4) when things are not  enough at home,encourage him it is well, but not adding more sorrow to his pains.

5)pretending to be sick or your are in your monthly period just to denie him Sex because you demanded something and he have not fulfil it.

6)Never loud your voice or shout at him because you think the age gap between you and him is not much

7)Cleanness is so essential,not dressing neat to office and shop, perhaps home is so dirty.

8) cook his favourite not your children or your own favourites.

9)Avoid associating with woman who have bad moral about marriage.

10)Dont take the advantages of you earn more than him and for that reason your behave anyhow by using more than two or three phone when he touches it, your try to overshadow him and treat him like a slave.

source: Erillins World


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