10 Delicious Recipes You Should Try In 2017

1. Smoky Joe’s beef fillet with salsa verde – Friday night dinner with friends

2. Ravioli pasta bake – for a family weeknight meal

Bibby's Kitchen

3. Zucchini Labneh tart – weekend lunch

zucchini labneh tart

4. Chorizo and potato frittata – weekend breakfast

5. Persian love cake – Valentines Day


6. Cheat’s chicken biryani – For warming Winter weekends or weeknights.

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7. Boerewors phyllo wheel – for a braai.

8. Za’atar lamb chops with stuffed aubergines – impress the guests at your dinner party.

9. Chocolate meringue pie – for a dinner party dessert.

cupcakes and couscous

10. Funfetti cake – for a birthday.


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