4 Popular Cover Up Tatoes

Without further adieu, here are 10 awesome cover-up tattoos.

Right Through the Heart

It seems like Timmy has left quite the mark on this person’s heart. However, they did the best of the situation and inked-away the wounds with this awesome pierced heart cover-up tattoo.

The Butterfly Effect

It seems like this girl wanted to fly away from her troubled love and metaphorically, that’s exactly what she did. The result being this amazing butterfly tattoo!

A Bloody Love

It is not surprising that most of the tattoos on the list are love related, having in mind the fact that tattooed names of exs can be quite painful. Expressing this pain, this guy has created an awesome, gruesome and bloody tattoo!

The Spellcheck Cover-Up Tattoo

Spelling mistakes are quite common, but as you often don’t have access to a quick spell-check when you want a tattoo put on your body, things can get quite regretful. However, this guy has come up with an amazing way to cover his spelling mistakes!


Source – lolwot


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